Womack Blasts Obama Healthcare Move, Pledges Wellness Center Push

Womack Blasts Obama Healthcare Move, Pledges Wellness Center Push

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Rogers Mayor and Republican Congressional candidate Steve Womack today called on President Obama to abandon his current healthcare plan and restart the process with meaningful input from Republican leaders.

"President Obama's decision to press forward with his fundamentally flawed healthcare bill, in the face of overwhelming opposition by the American people, shows just how out of touch Washington has become. President Obama’s plan for more taxes and more government control is precisely the opposite of what our country needs right now." Womack said.

Mayor Womack said he supports affordable and accessible healthcare for all through market based solutions that promote competition. "Putting politicians and bureaucrats in charge of healthcare through government takeovers will only make things worse," Womack said.

Instead, Mayor Womack favors measures like allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines, increasing choices and lowering costs. He also supports medical liability reforms, easing the burdens on physicians and lowering costs.

Mayor Womack said his belief that every American should have access to healthy lifestyle choices, recreational opportunities and affordable care is exemplified by the Adult Wellness Center in Rogers. A nationally renowned senior wellness center, the Adult Wellness Center reflects Mayor Womack’s vision for the appropriate role government investment can play in the physical and social well being of a community and its population groups.

In Congress, Mayor Womack pledged to work to establish a national program to partner with local communities for the construction of regional wellness centers, like the one in Rogers, so that more Arkansans can enjoy the life changing benefits of Adult Wellness Centers. To learn more, go to http://www.rogersarkansas.com/wellnesscenter/.



Congressman Steve Womack was elected to represent Arkansas’s Third Congressional District in 2010 and sits on the House Appropriations Committee and the House Budget Committee.

Prior to his election to Congress, Congressman Womack served as the Mayor of Rogers, Arkansas, for twelve years and in the Arkansas Army National Guard for over thirty years, retiring at the rank of Colonel.

Steve has been married to his wife, Terri, for over 31 years, and they have three sons, two grandsons, and a dog named Cooper. - Read More